Sunflowers Vincent Van Gogh, recreation by Stacy Jill
Medium: Clay & Watercolor
"The Kiss" Gustav Klimt  Recreation by Stacy Jill
22x28  Watercolor Paper
Mixed Media

Welcome to the Master Reproduction Gallery. Stacy Jill is able to flawlessly reproduce any painting by Marc Chagall, and many paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, Georges Seurat, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, and many other impressionistic and symbolic painters.  Stacy's original reproductions can be customized by size and color scheme; she is able to replicate the original painting as is, or dramatically change the color schemes upon request, to add a unique twist to a classic iconic painting. Below are Stacy's painting reproductions, she accepts commission recreation requests.  For inquiries, please email Stacy with the name of the artist, and title of the painting that you are interested in having recreated. Email:  Phone: 407-271-2302
Peter Paul Rubens. Portrait of Susanne Fourment
Recreation by Stacy Jill
30x40 Watercolor Paper
Mixed Media
Klimt Reproduction 
Recreation by Stacy Jill
Medium: Watercolor, Oil Pastel, Colored Pencil
Turandot Recreation by Stacy Jill
Gallery Wrapped Canvas 3ft.x 4ft.
Medium: Acrylic
Hope ll Gustav Klimt, Recreation by Stacy Jill
18x24 Watercolor Paper
Mixed Media
"The Kiss" Gustav Klimt
Wall Mural Re-creation by Stacy Jill
4ft. x6ft.
Mixed Media
Artist Stacy Jill